Embroidery is the process of sewing a design or logo onto a product with thread. It is typically used to add logos or designs to polos, jackets, and hats.

How does it work? 

Embroidery is a form of decoration by stitching a design onto fabric using a thread and needle. Our embroidery is done by a machine starting with creating a digital file that tells a machine how and where to put each stitch. A hooping or framing system is used that holds the area to be embroidered taut while the needle and thread move automatically to create a design from the digital file. Embroidery works best with simple, low color count logos or artwork. Artwork with fine detail or small lettering usually can not be embroidered.

After we receive your order and review your artwork, the first step in the process is to "digitize" your design. This means that a digital file is created that contains instructions on how to stitch your artwork. Once digitized, the file is sent to the embroidery machine and the design will be sewn onto the product. Embroidered designs are generally between 5,000 - 10,000 stitches. The stitch count of a design is part of what goes into the pricing of the product.

Why choose embroidery? 

Embroidery is usually thought of as the go to method for logo decoration on corporate wear such as; polos, button-up shirts or jackets. Embroidery is a durable option for garment decoration that also gives a high quality look. 

Color count; want more color in your design and afraid that will drive up the cost? With embroidery, it is the stitch count that is the basis of the cost of each garment. If you are looking for a clean crisp, professional look for a company logo, hat or jacket, then embroidery may be the right choice for your project. 

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