What is Underlay?

So what is an underlay anyway?

Printing colors on dark garments often requires a layer of white ink printed under and before all other colors, this is referred to as an underlay/white base. This allows the colors to stay true and maintain opacity over the dark fabric. If you are wanting a more vintage-faded look, no underlay is the way to go!

But how do I specify what I want on my design?

The way our online system is set up, all screen printed designs on any garment color except white will automatically show they are printing with an underlay. That doesn't mean you're stuck with it though! If you would prefer not to have an underlay on your design, simply make a note of this on your order under Add instructions at the bottom of the page during Step 3 of the checkout process (the same step where you select your shipping option).

It should look a little something like this:

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